Garafraxa Turf Inc

Transform Your Outdoor Living with Garafraxa Turf Hardscaping in Guelph - Wellington, ON

Welcome to Garafraxa Turf. We’re all about turning your outdoor spaces into stunning, practical areas you’ll enjoy for years. Living in Guelph – Wellington, ON, we’ve honed our hardscaping skills to meet and bring your dream outdoor living areas to reality. Our attention to detail, from carefully placed interlock and flagstone to precise grading, sodding, and seeding, is all about boosting your property’s charm and worth.

Crafting Your Ideal Outdoor Space with Interlock & Flagstone


Let's guide your guests with walkways that speak your style—flagstone's natural allure or interlock's neat elegance. Our paths do more than connect points; they enhance your landscape's vibe.


Think of patios as your outdoor living rooms, where memories are made. Tailored to fit how you live and entertain, our patios are where functionality meets your personal touch, ensuring they're your favourite party venue.

Fire Pits

Gathering around a fire pit on a crisp Guelph - Wellington evening feels right. Our fire pits are more than warmth sources; they're where stories are shared, making every outdoor moment worth remembering.

Pool Landscaping

Turn your pool area into your getaway with our specialized landscaping services. From chic patios to greenery that hugs your pool, we ensure your dip feels more like a dive into luxury.


Imagine a driveway that doesn't just welcome you home but also amps up your property's look. That's what we do. Our interlock driveways are custom-made to match your home and last through the seasons, blending durability with style.

Setting the Stage: Grading, Sodding, and Seeding

Why Go with Garafraxa Turf for Hardscaping?

Our Skill and
Attention to Detail

Our dedication to excellence shows in every project we take on. With years of experience and a creative touch, our team ensures your outdoor space is spectacular, keeping up with the latest hardscaping to bring innovative, functional designs to your doorstep.

A Design as
Unique as You

We get it—your outdoor space should reflect you. That's why we're all about creating designs that match your vision and lifestyle, considering every challenge your property presents. Our aim? An outdoor living area that's truly yours in every way.

Your Happiness,
Our Priority

We're here to make sure you love the result. From start to finish, expect professionalism, reliability, and a keen eye for detail, making the journey to your dream outdoor space smooth and worry-free.