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Transform Your Outdoor Space with Garafraxa Turf's Lawn Care in Guelph - Wellington, ON

Welcome to Garafraxa Turf, your trusted landscaping and lawn care specialist based in the heart of Guelph – Wellington, ON. At Garafraxa Turf, we’re not just about making your outdoor spaces look good; we’re about creating and maintaining vibrant, healthy, and welcoming landscapes to enhance your lifestyle. With an understanding of the unique climate and soil conditions in Guelph – Wellington, ON, our team brings expertise, dedication, and a passion for outdoor beauty to every project.

We can customize a program that works for your current lawn environment.

Applications can include

  • Fertilizer (spring,fall)
  • Grub Control
  • Weed Control
  • Chinch Bug Control

All-Around Lawn Care Services

Custom Lawn Upkeep for that Perfect Green

A standout lawn is critical to any gorgeous yard, and we take your lawn seriously. Our technicians are fully licenced and insured to provide lawn care solutions in Ontario. Our customized lawn care solutions are crafted to your lawns needs. We can handle everything – think regular cuts to maintain the right grass length, aerating the soil so it breathes right, dethatching and overseeding to cover those patchy spots for a fuller look. Our IPM (Integrated Pest Management) lawn treatments, including Canadian made organic based fertilizers from sustainable sources and weed management, are specially chosen for your lawn's unique needs. We also treat insects including grubs and chinch bug with organic products.

Getting Your Lawn Season-Ready

Guelph - Wellington's seasons bring a different vibe; your lawn needs to keep up. That's where our seasonal lawn care steps in. When spring hits, we're on the ground to wake your lawn up from its winter nap, clearing away debris and starting the fertilization game strong. Come fall, we're prepping your turf for the colder days ahead, with aeration and overseeding to ensure it bounces back beautifully once winter says goodbye.

Landscaping Services: More Than Just Grass

Transforming Outdoor Spaces
into Living Oases

Landscaping at Garafraxa Turf isn’t just about the lawn. We dive deep into garden design and planting, working with you to pull off that perfect outdoor scene that complements your home. Fancy a no-fuss native plant setup or a burst of colours with a flower bed? We’ve got you covered. And we don’t stop at greenery; our hardscaping game is vital, too. Patios, pathways, retaining walls, you name it – we design and install it, making sure it’s not just beautiful but also meshes well with your space and lifestyle.

Eco-Friendly Practices for Sustainable Beauty

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s how we do things around here. We lean on green landscaping practices to ensure your garden is as kind to the earth as it is stunning. Opting for plants that don’t guzzle water and using organic treatments are two ways we keep things eco-friendly. Our mission? To craft outdoor spaces that stand out and stand the test of time without costing the planet.

Here at Garafraxa Turf in Guelph – Wellington, ON, we deliver top-notch lawn and garden care that ticks all the right boxes. Our team is eager and ready to help transform your outdoor space into that lush, inviting haven you’ve always wanted. With Garafraxa Turf, you’re choosing experts who genuinely care about the well-being of your yard and are committed to making it look its best.

Ready to upgrade your outdoor space? Contact Garafraxa Turf today, and let’s start plotting your garden’s next chapter. Together, we’ll turn your vision into a reality, crafting a space as functional as beautiful. Let’s make your outdoor living space the envy of Guelph – Wellington, ON, with a blend of charm, usability, and sustainability that only the pros at Garafraxa Turf can deliver.